Ninja Wars Topics

The game is mainly one of fighting against other ninja. Once you are a ninja, you can:

You can buy items to help your attack at the shop, but you'll need to work in the fields to get gold to afford anything.

Once you get enough kills, you can level up at the dojo.


  1. What is Ninja Wars ?
    1. How do I play?
    2. Turns
    3. Work
  2. Combat
    1. Fighting other players
    2. Fighting NPCs
    3. Quests
    4. Duels
  3. Inventory
    1. Using Items
    2. Purchasing Items(Shop)
  4. Healing(Shrine)
    1. Dying and Resurrection
    2. Poison
  5. Mail
    1. Send/Receive/Delete
  6. Player Stats
    1. Changing Password
    2. Casino
  7. Dojo
    1. Increasing stats
  8. Misc
    1. Doshin office and Bounty
    2. Clans
  9. Ninja Types
    1. Class Skills

For Frequently Asked Questions see: the FAQ Page

What is Ninja Wars ?

Ninja Wars is an online web-based roleplaying game where players from all over the world can battle. You (the player) will take on the role of ancient ninja to battle for the #1 position. Use items on your foes, learn ninja tactics, cast spells, and battle all who oppose you. Built in-game messaging, mini-games, thousands of players and new features arriving all the time.

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How does the game play ?

To play the game, you create an account and then log in. Once logged in you will be able to do a number of things by clicking links: attack other ninja (from the "ninjas" list, you click on their name and then click "attack"), attack npcs (click "combat" and then click "Theif" to attack a theif, for example), gamble your money away at the casino, or come back from the dead at the monk's shrine.

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Turns are the life force of this game, you need turns to perform certain actions. Your turns will replenish at a rate of 2 per hour.

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Working allows your Ninja to have a day job. This allows you to trade Turns for Gold. An easy, direct way to make gold as opposed to attacking NPCs.

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Combat Overview

Combat plays the largest role in Ninja Wars, as most of your time will be spent battling other players, NPCs, fighting in quests and utilizing an onslaught of offensive and defensive items and spells.

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Fighting other players

To attack another player, click on combat from the menu, then choose your intended victim by selecting their name from the list of players and clicking attack.

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Quests will be a part of Ninja Wars 2, allowing you to battle in more hostile enviroments against much larger foes and with worse odds.

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Fighting NPCs

To attack an NPC, click on combat from the menu, then choose your intended victim by selecting their type from the list and clicking attack. If you defeat them, they will give you gold and sometimes items.

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By selecting to duel attack, at least one person in the attack must die, as the two ninja will continue to battle until there is a victor or both are dead. The ninja that initates the duel will lose 5 turns from the effort it takes to keep another ninja from escaping.

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To use an item, click on Inventory from the menu, then click on an item to use it on yourself. You can attack with items by clicking on the item name when viewing an opponents page directly.

For example, to use a Shuriken on Ninjalord, you would click the Ninjalord's name on the "player list" to view his page then click on the "shuriken" link. This will cause a shuriken from your inventory to be used on 'ninjalord', which will reduce his hp. You can also find a ninja's page by putting their name into the search box.

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To purchase an item, click on 'Shop'. Once in the shop you can buy any item that you have enough gold for. Some items are not sold at the shop.

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Use the Casino to place a bet, and try your luck at scoring free money!

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When you are weakened from battle you will need to heal yourself. You can do this by clicking on the 'Shrine'. Healing will cost 1 gold per point of life.

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If you have died, you must come back to life to continue the game. You must visit the 'Shrine' and use the Resurrection feature. NOTE: For every time you resurrect, you will lose one kill point from your ranking, unless you don't have any kills or are not yet higher than level 5.

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Poison skill(black ninja): Reduces a target's health every hour. You can cure poison at the shrine.

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If you ever wish to send a message to another player you may do so from the send mail feature. New mail sent to you will be in your inbox. System messages are sent from Deity, such as when another player has killed you or attacked you.

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Player Stats

Clicking on stats shows you information like your strength (damage that you'll do), health, etc.

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Changing Password

If you wish to change your password, type your new password in the change password box that can be found on the 'Stats' page.

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At the Dojo you can train your Ninja. Doing so will increase your damage and the benefits of your abilities.

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When you defeat a Ninja with a bounty, you will receive part of the slain Ninja's gold along with the full bounty (price on their head).

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From the clan page you will be able to join and leave clans or send messages to your clan if you have one.

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Ninja Types

Each new Ninja in the game will be given the opportunity to choose a ninja class. This along with your level will give you special built in abilities similar to the scrolls you can buy.

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Ninja Skills

All Ninja
Attack - A simple, quick attack, where you and your opponent both fight for a moment.
Duel - A long attack that ends only when you or your opponent are dead.
Sight - View the specific details of another ninja, with a turn cost.
Stealth - Become immune to certain normal combat attacks until you attack yourself, or until you next receive turns. Your first strike after being stealthed will cause additional damage.
Unstealth - Stop sneaking and being stealthed.
Deflect - Double your damage while dueling.
Steal - Steal gold from an opponent.
Cold Steal - Steal turns from an opponent, taking some of them for yourself.

Dragon Ninja
Primary Skill: Chi - Increased healing at the shrine.
Aux Skill: Moonlight Heal - Increases the hitpoints gained at midnight.
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Tiger Ninja
Primary Skill: Fire Bolt - Inflicts Damage based on Ninja Level
Aux Skill: Blaze - Adds extra damage during attacks, using extra turns.
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Crane Ninja
Primary Skill: Ice Bolt - Decreases an enemy's turns.
Aux Skill: Speed - Increases turns gained over time.
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Viper Ninja
Primary Skill: Poison Touch - Poison an enemy, causing them further damage over time.
Aux Skill: Hidden Resurrect - When you die and resurrect, you will come back to life stealthed.

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Mantis Ninja
Primary Skill: Evasion - While dueling, if the gray ninja is close to defeat, they will escape before the final blow.
Aux Skill: Kampo - The ancient Japanese system of herbalism, Kampo allows you to turn potent ingredients into more powerful concotions.
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