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Bravos One of the Greatest Ninjas That Lived...
Cannot Attack: You must become a ninja first.
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Tchalvak - CLAN JOIN REQUEST: Tchalvak has sent a request to join your clan. If you wish to allow this ninja into your clan click the following link: Confirm

If only I was on at that time! Still welcome to join :P

Current Deal: I will give 100 Dim Maks to anyone who reaches level 101 in my clan! Equals 7000 turns.

Will give 5000 mushrooms to anyone who reaches level 120 in my clan.

Pass me and I will give you 10,000 mushrooms!

If you are not one of us, then you have a reason to be scared. No Mercy. Training grounds for ninjas who want to become Shadows, learn the secrets, and dominate. Ramen is our sister clan but doesn't mean we are friends :D Only active players allowed. Weak and In-Active ninjas will be kicked.