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Moving to email for login!

The game will be moving to email only for login in the future! So please get used to logging in to the site with your EMAIL instead of your ninja name. This may happen in a month or more, and I'll warn people beforehand.

Login Lasts Longer

Just updated the login limiter to last much longer than the 24 hours it was set to before! Should be a convenient change.

Release v.1.8.9 - Login abstraction, more frequent stats updates, and stability fixes

Quickstats: Updated on most pages now, so you can see when things change even while you change when you see. Dawg. Map: colors added to all the locations. Fight: Link on bottom of map to the fight. Npcs: the abstract npcs become a little more fun, more to come. Error messages a little more readable. Make player names a little more readable. Changes to the login system internally. Better testing of the pages now that they have controllers and login is injectable. Clan: More object-oriented cleanup. Account: Some internal cleanup.