Overall summary: Raise your stamina? It raises your max hp. Raise your strength? Increases your damage (as before). Ignore speed for now. Stealth changed! (decreases strength, increases stamina!) Stalk skill! (increased strength at the expense of stamina and speed) 10 - 20 ninjas revive every minute (only if everyone dead). Rankings get recalculated every minute. Lots of rebalancing! New Features: 8a68c10 Stalk: implemented, cannibalizes stats, 612546a Player: Stats now affected by STEALTH cb3defa Shop: Expensive items greyed out, db3452d Npcs: Coloration for damage categories. 56c07eb Deity: Revive 20 chars every minute, ranking recalculated every minute 814a99d Shrine: Heal up to max dynamically, even if you have a higher (OR LOWER) stamina than your base. Gameplay Rebalancing: a9f7eeb Communism: Redux, dynamic str/sta/spe stat generation. (also Stealth effect rebalanced) 8ae9900 Skills: Firebolt, harmonize, poison touch rebalanced. 57a5d45 Player: Current max health based on current stamina. Notable Fixes: 186f342 Show events with no sender! Fix for longtime bug, expect no-sender events to show up!. 0915891 Sight: Get dynamic str,spd,sta. Fixes discrepancies when sighting someone. e1996cc Intro: Fix class listings, remove reference to grey ninja 69f446c Fix clan leaving 404, leaving clans should work again. 9010300 Account: changing email fixed. (#717) 90f2a4b Login: Fix /assistance link in login page. Content: 0f6de8b Npcs: Spruce up npc list, add images for spider, firefly, and fireflies. a6915a2 Deity: Stop deleting old personal messages, they'll stay forever for now. d9c5910 Event: Delete old events after 31 days instead of 4. 4dcb891 Items: Add icon for Tessen Fan. e2b012f Signup: Made form elements much bigger, 4a3e377 Font: Incorporated font-awesome vector font icons, they'll be crisper and cleaner. 1928639 Index: Ninja-dropdown menu goes away after you leave it. Developer Changes: Deployment Notable Changes: b2210b6 Deity & TickController: Rearrange timing and behaviors. 2613218 Deity: Rename deity scripts, ce5475c Use StreamedViewResponse in Controllers a76eb4c Characters: Account able to get multiple characters 80757c9 Ratchets: Limit only 1 php file in www!