Result for #minor

Release v1.8.21: Fixed Dojo for DimMak, fixed rankings, Kampo usable even if stealthed.

This will probably be the last feature-based release before a new major version number (v1.9.0), though there may be some more bugfix/hotfix minor releases. Player-visible changes: Kampo usable while stealthed. Fixed Dojo so you can buy DimMak again. Fixed rankings numeric counting.

NW v 1.8.8: Messages and Avatars, Turns over 9,000.

Personal/Clan Messages get shorter and more readable. Avatars show after attacking, using an item, or using a skill on someone. You can checkout the release notes on github here: And I forgot to make a news post for the previous release here: The main thing is that the max level of the game is now reachable.