Npcs: When NPCs v2 is released, some npcs like merchants will be "rich". Kampo got a minor fix. Firebolt was broken, now is fixed. Heal was reporting results badly, now fixed. Harmonize was erroring out, now fixed. Lots of pretty urls made available: /shrine /map /shop /doshin /inventory /clan /enemies /dojo, (not 100% of urls though) Shrine behavior with dim mak and class change fixed up, bad monks, bad! Password reset system in play! /account_issues.php to use it. Changed for developers: make ci, make all, make ci-test, make install, make db now exist. Work towards quests! Logging of emails to ./deploy/resources/email.log instead of dumping them out to page. Various www scripts controllerified. (note that this release is slightly behind master currently)