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Server infrastructure tripled in size

I have tripled the server resources for now, while I do some restructuring of things like daily nightly update, and ability for the server to scale up. I have this results in some improvements in reliability as we move towards new changes.

Server upgrade incoming

We have some new code waiting on the wings, but it won’t be pushed out until the server is upgraded, which we need anyway. So expect some downtime in the near future as we upgrade to better servers!

Potential server downtime

Due to a server monitoring system having excess memory and cpu consumption issues, there may be intermittent slowdowns while we work on resolving the problem.

4 hours of server downtime

Due to a mis-configuration of php template caching, load increased on the server to the point where the server became unavailable this morning. Load balancing to alleviate server stress slightly will be implemented, and further monitoring will be done.