Item icons, ninja difficulty ratings, & bounty. Changes for players: Kill points: How much you gain is based on difficulty rating, otherwise similar. Fixed sight not displaying class. Bounty now works off of your difficulty rating, not your level. Bounty is capped again at 5,000石. 32bit Images for Sushi, Phosphor Powder, Kunai, and more. Shop & other gold areas: Change dollar sign to koku symbol. Combat: Blood splatter when/if you die in combat. Use button moved to the more logical place under items, give button put above items. Account page options are still broken, sorry, they're on the list to fix. Changes for devs: Skills: Controllerified. Deity: Objectified. CONFIG: File now read by python tests. Accounts: Refactored. Signup: Nearly 100% code coverage. JS: Unit tested & lint/hinted.