Result for #skill

Issue with the skills page fixed

There was a minor error with the turn display on the inventory and the skills page, which is now fixed.

Skill levels and poison damage

Poison damage was happening too frequently, so poison damage is now decreased (but still happens every minor tick, which is about every 5 minutes). To make things clean and simple for new players, level 1 players don't get a variety of combat skills, so they're likely to just have attack and 1 other combat skill, and additional combat skills kick in at level 2.

Release v1.8.14: Password Reset & Skill Fixes

Npcs: When NPCs v2 is released, some npcs like merchants will be "rich". Kampo got a minor fix. Firebolt was broken, now is fixed. Heal was reporting results badly, now fixed. Harmonize was erroring out, now fixed. Lots of pretty urls made available: /shrine /map /shop /doshin /inventory /clan /enemies /dojo, (not 100% of urls though) Shrine behavior with dim mak and class change fixed up, bad monks, bad! Password reset system in play! /account_issues.php to use it. Changed for developers: make ci, make all, make ci-test, make install, make db now exist. Work towards quests! Logging of emails to ./deploy/resources/email.log instead of dumping them out to page. Various www scripts controllerified. (note that this release is slightly behind master currently)