Improved map location visuals

Added a variety of images to various map locations. Also with this release, improved moderator tools.

Improved search

The search wasn't catching partial matches, and it now does. For example "vak" will now match "Tchalvak" and "tiger" will now match "bengal-tiger". A minor bug, but one that did make it more difficult to find certain other players while searching for them.

New imagery for the different map locations!

Ninjawars is a text based game for ninja combat. However, I have added various images to each of the map locations to represent what is happening there. Soon all the locations will have their own visual, so check them each out!

Securing the Shadows: Now Fully HTTPS-Protected!

After much work, is donning a shiny new suit of armor with a full HTTPS makeover! 🛡️ Your favorite ninja web game is now fully secured with the green lock, ensuring a safe and encrypted browsing experience for all our players. 🕵️‍♂️ It's taken time to ninja-proof all our features for HTTPS compatibility, but we're thrilled to announce that after rigorous testing and fixes, we're ✅ green checked as much as possible! 🔄 Automatic Redirection Magic: Our redirect is designed to seamlessly handle everything in the background. Any necessary redirects will be swift and automatic, ensuring you can focus on your ninja exploits without any hassle. 🛠️ Help Us Fine-Tune: Should you encounter any issues after January 8th, 2024, we definitely want to hear about it! Reach out via the Staff page, and we'll swiftly address any bugs that remain. Keep those shurikens sharp and game on! 🎮

Zombie month!

Certain older accounts have been reactivated for now, so don’t be surprised to see older ninja up and around for a minute!

Update to Ninja List

The ninja list has been updated with some spam bot signups removed.

Issue with the skills page fixed

There was a minor error with the turn display on the inventory and the skills page, which is now fixed.

Email signup/forgot password issues!

We are currently experiencing some issues with signup and forgot password emails that are wreaking havoc. We're working on it and will post a news post once they're resolved.

Thief version 2 added to the game

Added a new npc prototype to the game, thief version 2, a prelude to a whole new set of various npcs being developed now.

Recruiting paused for a bit!

Due to a bug with signup, we have paused recruiting of new player accounts for a bit until the email system can be upgraded. This also impacts the “reset password” system.

Chat slides out of the way

The Ninja chat now slides out of the way to make more room for the rest of the game. Icon on the top of the game allows opening it and closing it. Should make it easier to do various things like using the ninja list and map pages, pages with a lot of content on them.

Enemies get auto-added, and can be manually added again.

There was a rework of the enemies system, so that instead of having to manually pick and choose your enemies (which you can do), if you have empty slots for enemies, ninjas that kill you will fill up your enemies slots so you can enact retribution on them later.

Skill levels and poison damage

Poison damage was happening too frequently, so poison damage is now decreased (but still happens every minor tick, which is about every 5 minutes). To make things clean and simple for new players, level 1 players don't get a variety of combat skills, so they're likely to just have attack and 1 other combat skill, and additional combat skills kick in at level 2.

Regeneration and resurrection updates

Updates to the regeneration and resurrection systems that should hopefully fix that bad and long-running bug where some low level ninja resurrect with really really high hitpoints. Now non-dragon class level 1 ninja should pretty much hover around the 100 hitpoints mark, with stamina contributing another 2 hitpoints per stamina point. So at +5 stamina per level, that's roughly +10 hitpoints per level. Also the bathhouse has a new type of rumor, a rumor of GOLD, as in if there's someone with a lot of gold around, (dead OR alive), the bathhouse geisha happen to speak of that rumor. Skill levels were adjusted to be simpler for new new new players, with many skills kicking in at level 2 instead of level 1, so that the first level is a relatively simple and bare-bones experience for most classes.

New homepage wip

Work is ongoing on a new homepage / splash page, check it out at

Combat visuals 2021 release!

Included in this release are: Features: - Display changes to how dueling combat outcomes are displayed. Now shows a healthbar for each combatant before and after, and how many rounds the dueling took. See: - Revive fewer ninja in each 5 minute and 1 hour revive cycle. - Slightly cleaner clan descriptions. See: - Removed some ad areas. Experimental, unreleased work: - Work towards quests. - Exploration of toggle-able experimental "all ninja levels stay at 100 health" gameplay approach (not live). For more developer details of what is in this release, see the developer release notes:

Server infrastructure tripled in size

I have tripled the server resources for now, while I do some restructuring of things like daily nightly update, and ability for the server to scale up. I have this results in some improvements in reliability as we move towards new changes.

Server upgrade incoming

We have some new code waiting on the wings, but it won’t be pushed out until the server is upgraded, which we need anyway. So expect some downtime in the near future as we upgrade to better servers!

Moving to email for login!

The game will be moving to email only for login in the future! So please get used to logging in to the site with your EMAIL instead of your ninja name. This may happen in a month or more, and I'll warn people beforehand.

Server outage due to an upgrade of php version 7.2 to 7.3 taking away the running php.

Since this morning the server has been down because an upgrade of the php version underneath rendered the server unable to find php! We are now upgraded to php 7.3, I guess. Welcome to the future?

Same Place part of the domain attacking restriction lifted.

Way, way back there was a restriction to try to prevent players from the same place from attacking each-other. It has proved troublesome, especially now that I have put a whole new server in front of everything to load balance and speed up the site (since people often look like they are coming from the same place, the load balancing server). So that combat restriction has now been lifted.

Potential server downtime

Due to a server monitoring system having excess memory and cpu consumption issues, there may be intermittent slowdowns while we work on resolving the problem.

4 hours of server downtime

Due to a mis-configuration of php template caching, load increased on the server to the point where the server became unavailable this morning. Load balancing to alleviate server stress slightly will be implemented, and further monitoring will be done.

Clan Avatar Upload Simplified

It is now much simpler to upload clan avatars, simply go to manage a clan and click the box to upload a custom image. Note that generally long, horizontal images are best.

Simplified fight approach deployed

New fight approach deployed, try it out on the fight page. You can now cycle through new enemies with the arrows and attack directly off of the fight page (instead of making multiple clicks) . Go "back to the fight" and it will queue up the next living enemy for you.

Working on a site refresh!

I am currently working on a refresh of the site homepage and overall page, as well as infrastructure. You can preview/view the new splash homepage here: and follow the progress on the core game updates here:

Site heading display fonts changed.

Gave the site's display font a much needed update.

Map redone

The map was looking substantially broken, so I redid it, replaced all the images with fortawesome icons. I am considering a total rewrite of the map in the future as well.

Site Theme redone!

We have redone the theme to change the colors, spacing, and layout of various pages. We've made the ninja list more view-able, the ninja profile more cohesive and co-ordinated, as well as updating the theme on various pages to reflect the new color scheme. Check it out!

Top Health Bar!

You now get a redish health-bar at the top of the page showing your current health percent. For now, 0% is just a tiny bar, I may accent when you're dead in the future.

New top menu bar for the game.

We did a lot of work over quite a while, on the top bar of the site, to simplify it, make it more modern and cleaner. In addition, we've given the site more space for things like the ninja list and combat, npcs, etc. Less clutter, more space!


Hi All! Due to getting a new job (with ) additions to ninjawars are on hiatus for a time. This is bad timing because there're some bugs with regeneration and resurrection that really need fixing right away. I will work on those as soon as I can, but may have to solve them totally manually in the meantime. Catch you later, --Tchalvak/Roy

Stalk Skill, Stats, skill damage, and hitpoints rebalanced!

Overall summary: Raise your stamina? It raises your max hp. Raise your strength? Increases your damage (as before). Ignore speed for now. Stealth changed! (decreases strength, increases stamina!) Stalk skill! (increased strength at the expense of stamina and speed) 10 - 20 ninjas revive every minute (only if everyone dead). Rankings get recalculated every minute. Lots of rebalancing! New Features: 8a68c10 Stalk: implemented, cannibalizes stats, 612546a Player: Stats now affected by STEALTH cb3defa Shop: Expensive items greyed out, db3452d Npcs: Coloration for damage categories. 56c07eb Deity: Revive 20 chars every minute, ranking recalculated every minute 814a99d Shrine: Heal up to max dynamically, even if you have a higher (OR LOWER) stamina than your base. Gameplay Rebalancing: a9f7eeb Communism: Redux, dynamic str/sta/spe stat generation. (also Stealth effect rebalanced) 8ae9900 Skills: Firebolt, harmonize, poison touch rebalanced. 57a5d45 Player: Current max health based on current stamina. Notable Fixes: 186f342 Show events with no sender! Fix for longtime bug, expect no-sender events to show up!. 0915891 Sight: Get dynamic str,spd,sta. Fixes discrepancies when sighting someone. e1996cc Intro: Fix class listings, remove reference to grey ninja 69f446c Fix clan leaving 404, leaving clans should work again. 9010300 Account: changing email fixed. (#717) 90f2a4b Login: Fix /assistance link in login page. Content: 0f6de8b Npcs: Spruce up npc list, add images for spider, firefly, and fireflies. a6915a2 Deity: Stop deleting old personal messages, they'll stay forever for now. d9c5910 Event: Delete old events after 31 days instead of 4. 4dcb891 Items: Add icon for Tessen Fan. e2b012f Signup: Made form elements much bigger, 4a3e377 Font: Incorporated font-awesome vector font icons, they'll be crisper and cleaner. 1928639 Index: Ninja-dropdown menu goes away after you leave it. Developer Changes: Deployment Notable Changes: b2210b6 Deity & TickController: Rearrange timing and behaviors. 2613218 Deity: Rename deity scripts, ce5475c Use StreamedViewResponse in Controllers a76eb4c Characters: Account able to get multiple characters 80757c9 Ratchets: Limit only 1 php file in www!

Login Lasts Longer

Just updated the login limiter to last much longer than the 24 hours it was set to before! Should be a convenient change.

Hotfix: Fixed password changing, email changing and account deletion on the account page.

Email changing, password changing, and account deletion from the account page were broken, but they're fixed now.

Hotfixes: Fix amanita use attempts erroring when no turns, viewing multiple pages of messages

Trying to use an amanita mushroom when you have no turns no longer errors. When you have multiple pages of messages, you can move from page to page without error again.

Release v1.8.24: Item icons, ninja difficulty ratings, & bounty.

Item icons, ninja difficulty ratings, & bounty. Changes for players: Kill points: How much you gain is based on difficulty rating, otherwise similar. Fixed sight not displaying class. Bounty now works off of your difficulty rating, not your level. Bounty is capped again at 5,000石. 32bit Images for Sushi, Phosphor Powder, Kunai, and more. Shop & other gold areas: Change dollar sign to koku symbol. Combat: Blood splatter when/if you die in combat. Use button moved to the more logical place under items, give button put above items. Account page options are still broken, sorry, they're on the list to fix. Changes for devs: Skills: Controllerified. Deity: Objectified. CONFIG: File now read by python tests. Accounts: Refactored. Signup: Nearly 100% code coverage. JS: Unit tested & lint/hinted.

Release v1.8.21: Fixed Dojo for DimMak, fixed rankings, Kampo usable even if stealthed.

This will probably be the last feature-based release before a new major version number (v1.9.0), though there may be some more bugfix/hotfix minor releases. Player-visible changes: Kampo usable while stealthed. Fixed Dojo so you can buy DimMak again. Fixed rankings numeric counting.

Release v1.8.19: Hotfix release to fix DimMak buying.

This release only changes/fixes dojo so that DimMak is buyable again.

Release v1.8.18: Item pretty urls, fix dim mak buying, fix poison touch.

Items: Can or Fix bug with buying dim Mak. Fix bug with poison touch. Fix bug when viewing player profile while logged out Fix chat time agos.

Release v1.8.18: Item pretty urls, fix dim mak buying, fix poison touch.

Items: Can or Fix bug with buying dim Mak. Fix bug with poison touch. Fix bug when viewing player profile while logged out Fix chat time agos.

Release v1.8.14: Password Reset & Skill Fixes

Npcs: When NPCs v2 is released, some npcs like merchants will be "rich". Kampo got a minor fix. Firebolt was broken, now is fixed. Heal was reporting results badly, now fixed. Harmonize was erroring out, now fixed. Lots of pretty urls made available: /shrine /map /shop /doshin /inventory /clan /enemies /dojo, (not 100% of urls though) Shrine behavior with dim mak and class change fixed up, bad monks, bad! Password reset system in play! /account_issues.php to use it. Changed for developers: make ci, make all, make ci-test, make install, make db now exist. Work towards quests! Logging of emails to ./deploy/resources/email.log instead of dumping them out to page. Various www scripts controllerified. (note that this release is slightly behind master currently)

Release 1.8.12: Pretty urls, a front controller, and more flexibility incoming!

Routing: ninjawars now uses pretty urls and a front controller. Routing: Lots of minor route changes with pretty urls, though we tried for backwards compatibility! Shop/Casino/Doshin/Stats/Accounts list numbers more readably. Doshin: Prevent setting bounty on yourself. Map: Map squares get some tiling background images for now. js and css get updated reliably. Default numbers (e.g. how many turns you want to work) on frontend are kept by js localstorage now. Login: Refactored to use a front controller. Autoloading: We autoload controllers and other objects now! ??maybe things will be faster?? We now use php 5.6 ... ...rockin' it oldschool For more details:

Release v.1.8.9 - Login abstraction, more frequent stats updates, and stability fixes

Quickstats: Updated on most pages now, so you can see when things change even while you change when you see. Dawg. Map: colors added to all the locations. Fight: Link on bottom of map to the fight. Npcs: the abstract npcs become a little more fun, more to come. Error messages a little more readable. Make player names a little more readable. Changes to the login system internally. Better testing of the pages now that they have controllers and login is injectable. Clan: More object-oriented cleanup. Account: Some internal cleanup.

NW v 1.8.8: Messages and Avatars, Turns over 9,000.

Personal/Clan Messages get shorter and more readable. Avatars show after attacking, using an item, or using a skill on someone. You can checkout the release notes on github here: And I forgot to make a news post for the previous release here: The main thing is that the max level of the game is now reachable.

Clan functionalities redone. Joining is simpler.

Clan functionalities refactored & cleaned up, joining is easier, more use of the Clan object, ClanController came into being. Doshin refactored. Shop refactored. Messages area layout improved. Mobile: Login & Signup button sizes fixed. Splash: Top logo layout improved some. Ninja-box/ninja-avatar: Does stuff on hover to show that it's a clickable thing.

Update! Bounty capped, avatar menu, clan fixes.

Balance changes: Bounty was able to go too high, now it is capped, and raises slower. =========================== Site layout: Now there's an avatar menu on the top right, ninja stats and account stuff lives there. Clan page cleaned up a little. =========================== Bug fixes: Clan kicking fixed.

New Release! Ninjawars v1.8.3

The latest release is now online! Lots of work on npcs to make them more complex and balanced. Work on accounts to prepare to allow multiple ninja per account! Ninja now have a lot of extra detail that can be filled in to flesh out your character, ninja description, traits, goals, instincts, etc. Faster & Better Chat. And lots of other individual changes: